Ticket tags

We've just added a useful new feature to Sirportly today - the ability for staff to set ticket properties automatically by using tags in a ticket update.

The following tags are supported:

  • {status: statusname}
  • {priority: priorityname}
  • {assignee: usernameoremail}

Just replace the values appropriately according to your own configuration.

We have some magic methods as well for increasing or decreasing priority, and self-assigning a ticket:

  • {priority: increase}
  • {priority: decrease}
  • {assignee: me}

Just add one or more of these tags to your ticket update, then you'll see the appropriate property change as soon as the update is sent.

Tagged update

Applied tags

Updated properties are applied after any update macros have been run, so may replace any values set by a macro.

As always, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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